Indoor Playground
Angel provide Turn-key solution for your commercial use indoor playground! One stop solution with widest range of theme and other kids play equipment.
You always can find proper indoor play equipment and accessories from us whether you are looking to create a new indoor playground or upgrade an existing one. We constantly develop new, innovative indoor play system keep you step ahead any competitors.
Kids who visiting our indoor play area will fell like entering into a brand new natural world. The strange looking animal, virgin forest, ball pool, labyrinth, exciting slide and trampoline etc make children feel like stay in dreamy wold, their curiosity and exploring desire will be satisfied greatly, their abilities of cognition, judgment and problem-soling will be developed completely........
Kids Carousel
Kids carousel get more and more popular in indoor playground equipment. It is well designed kids game integrate with soft play but can move with inside motor.
Kids carousel offer greater interactivity and engaging play experience, Soft surface or inflatable base ensure the safety of children. have irresistible attracts to kids under six years old!​
Angel playground as one of the earliest manufacture on kids carousel, upgrade soft play installed with electronic motor, LED light and musical player. After years experience on reseach, Angel playground can make kids carousel on any shaper have plenty model for choice.
We only provide high-quality motor which is the vital of quality on kids carousel.
Ball Blaster-Shooting Game
Ball blaster also called shooting game or ball battle. This is interactive game good for kids character development, provide a dynamic platform for kids to play widely.
All ages group of kids love to shooting and dodging by play ball battle, beside shooting canon and gun, We also have ball flow (keep balls on state of suspension), ball blow (launch countless soft foam balls all over the play area) and ball suck machine (suck to a basket and pour as ball rain), Indoor playground including with ball shooting game bring more repeat visits. We can make the ball blaster as theme park which mean whole play centre only with shooting game!
Angel playground provide ball blaster machine made by iron only! No plastic! Refuse low quality.
Toddler Play
Toddler play are for kids from 3-6 years old on a separately play area. Kids under 6 years old not brave as big kids. Play with big kids may too dangerous for kids under 6 years old, Separate on two different area can protect them well.
Toddler play including many kinds of small toys that bring variety games for indoor playground like seesaw, spring ride and jumping balls, distorting mirror, plastic house also similar product like tree house and kitchen, All these are very welcome for small kids.
Toddler play also including small size slide and ball pit. Shoes shelf, glove shelf, fence, table and chair etc...
Soft play quipment
Soft play is must-have play equipment for toddler play area and as side-line product for indoor play centre!
Soft play is made by wooden frame, sponge and PVC cloth. Woden frame cover by foam sponge then wrapped by PVC cloth. It is soft like sofa. But can combination freely for kids to play!
Digital pile, boxing punch, climbing stairs and block are soft play, Angel playground make soft play toys with bright color and cute cartoon designed which will attract children to play, Soft play equipment are designed for intense usage of commercial indoor playground.
Indoor Trampoline Park
Trampoline is one of Olympic Program game. It is good for health and entertament, Parants and kids (including teenager) can play together, who does not like jumping on trampoline, this exciting game build up body and offer lot of fun during play!
Angel playground offer large size Trampoline and toddler trampoline! Large size trampoline usually for commercial play center and toddler trampoline usually for home or kindergarten use.
Angel playground only use PP mesh import from USA, Pad between trampoline net is made by sponge only with thickness 10cm. Body will not touch any hard components so can jumping freely and widely.
Toddler trampoline use modular frame with protection net. Size from Diameter 5 feet to 16 feet. Our toddler trampoline can holding maximum 170kg/m2, So adult can company with kids during play.
Swing Sets
Any where have kids playground must have swing, swing sets is most common play system for kids, Kids not easy get boring after over and over play on swing!
“Angel playground” bring most strong and comfortable swing for your back yard.
You may heard some large noise seat on a low quality swing, That is because the hook have problem and main pipe too fragile. We offer Diameter 114 mm pipe not 86mm or smaller as you see in park! “Angel playground”offer plenty of chose for swing, we have different seat in shape such as fish, horse, chairs, bell hanger, sofa, two seat and four seat rocking chair...
“Angel playground” also offer outdoor play structure which including swing, slide and climbing.
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playground sets

This playground sets four different area, the main play sets have climbing wall on corner and one ball plastic area, one ball pit and trampoline, also some small toys and obstacle game. then near the reception room have football game and toddler play house. opposite to the dodor is rest area for parents and birthday part.